Malay Kratom

The Malay Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa, also called red sentol tree) by Mr. Kratom, is a high quality Malay Kratom sourced from the region near Malaysia. Since kratom is forbidden in Thailand and Malaysia, no original malay kratom can be offered here, although this happens mistakenly often. This kratom is not a mixed kratom, so it consists of only one variety
Mr. Kratom has a very high quality kratom at various locations, so he can offer the kratom with constant quality. Mr. Kratom's Kratom Online Shop has a high standard of quality, reflected in its kratom and price/performance ratio. He sends the kratom, which is ordered via his online shop, directly from Germany.

Origin Malay Kratom

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country consisting geographically of two parts of the country. The two regions of the country are separated by the South China Sea, which corresponds to the Malay peninsula to the west and Borneo to the east. Malaysia borders Thailand to the northwest. Singapore is a city-state in the west of the south, and Indonesia forms the eastern border. Due to the country's tropical equatorial climate, Malaysia has its own flora and fauna. From April to October and from October to February, the climate is characterized by monsoon, which is the reason for the higher average humidity and fertility of the country. The home of the cratom tree is located in the Malaysian swamp, in the lowland forests and in the mountains on the border with Thailand.

The leaves of this tree are also called kratom by traditional folk doctors. The red-grown kratom from the Malay peninsula is considered the most primitive kratom type together with the Thai kratom. At the same time, the Malay kratom and the Thai kratom often no longer come from Malaysia or Thailand. For decades, the red senetol tree was grown almost exclusively in Indonesia for commercial purposes. Although the Malay kratom does not have to come from Malaysia, a certain leaf composition is related to the kratom species. Southeast Asian users use Malay Kratom similar to coffee. Many traditional users are workers who depend on any work during the oppressive heat of Malaysia.

The Name Malay

The various kratom names often cause confusion among the associated parties. As Malaysia is part of the island of Borneo, for example, the Malay kratom can geographically correspond to the Borneo kratom. In terms of leaf composition, Malay Kratom has the closest relationship with Bali Kratom. The latter itself comes mainly from Borneo trees. To avoid confusion, it is important to focus on the three subnames Red Malay, Green Malay and Maeng Da Malay. Red and green Malay differ in leaf vein color and leaf composition. The color difference plays an important role, especially for buyers who want to dye their hair or dye their hair from the mesh.

Red Malay Kratom has red veins, so it has a heavier, stronger and more effective tone than Green Malay Kratom. Basically, the color production of green Malay and red Malay ensures lighter colors. Depending on the amount used, mixed colors with green kratom veins can also cause accidents.
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