FAQ Kratomshop

Are there any free samples to test your shop?

This is not possible on request, but we sometimes have actions where you can request samples for a short period of time. Sign up for this in the newsletter so you don't miss our promotions.

How discreetly does Mr. Kratom send?

Mr. Kratom sends up to 400g in an air cushion envelope, everything above it is shipped in a carton. The sender will be declared to be the Future UG. In short, there are no references to the kratom on the packaging.

What can I do to help you?

Thank you for wanting to support us. Recommend us further in the circle of acquaintances, friends and family or other ways, so do us a great favor. Furthermore, there are forums and social media groups where you can report about us. You can also help with product reviews, which means you get even 50ct credited to your own account.

Is Kratom Legal?

We would like to emphasize that we can´t guarantee that we can keep an eye on the legal status of Kratom in time. We only ship to countries where kratom is legal. For Germany, we always have the status in mind and are therefore up to date.

How long does shipping take?

Generally, we ship the goods directly on the day that payment has also been received by 14 o'clock, but there are also dependencies on the country of delivery and the shipping method. Once we have handed over the goods to DHL, this is no longer in our hands. Shipping usually takes 1-3 working days within Germany.

Why don't you offer Paypal or similar payment methods?

Paypal, the payment provider, or similar payment providers do not want to have anything to do with Kratom, so these methods are denied. However, you will find a fast payment/shipping method under Payment Options.

The packaging is damaged, what can I do?

Unfortunately, we have no influence on how DHL handles envelopes/packages. In the current Corona time these are somewhat overwhelmed and in time pressure, which is unfortunately a typical current excuse.

Please check the merchandise to see if it is damaged, if so, we can contact DHL directly and have the merchandise picked up from you. You will receive a replacement delivery immediately.