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It should come as no surprise that kratom enthusiasts love their regional colors. From the intensely colored Thai Maeng Da to Premium Kratom, artists are experiencing kratom from all over Southeast Asia. However, there is one unique, region-specific variety that catches our eye. We're talking about Borneo Kratom, of course, derived from the vast landscapes of Asia's largest island.

But what makes Borneo Kratom so special?

First of all, White Vein Borneo Kratom is considered one of the strongest strains on the market. As you may already know, white veins are known for their fresh colors. In this light, White Borneo is considered the créme de la créme, a premium kratom strain for white vein lovers.

 But that's not all!

The Borneo is at the center of many environmental conservation issues in Southeast Asia. Believe it or not, the Borneo Kratom could help improve the local environment. This positive impact could have ecological implications on a world scale. Before we examine the struggle of white Borneo for global environmental health, let's learn more about this quality kratom.

The different Borneo Kratoms

In our Kratom online store, we offer quite different Kratom produles:


Unlike other more widely available Kratom varieties, authentic Borneo Kratom is usually only available as a white, green or red vein. Remember that Kratom varieties come in three different colors: More info on this also here.

  • White Kratom = White Vein
  • Red Kratom = Red Vein
  • Green Kratom = Green Vein 

Compared to species like Indokratom, White Borneo is much less in nature. This is because the landscape of Borneo itself is very rugged. The coast of the island is a rickety peat swamp forest: areas where dead plants are difficult to decompose. This makes the soil infertile, which means that the Borneo strain of Kratom can only grow and thrive inland.

What is the color quality of White Borneo Kratom?

The Borneo White from Mr. Kratom's online store has a very fresh color. The color intensity is very high, which makes it very easy to color. We can recommend this kratom without hesitation.

Ecological crisis in Borneo!

As mentioned above, Borneo is at the center of many environmental crises in Southeast Asia. The island itself is responsible for buying about 50% of the world's tropical timber. Although tropical wood is beautiful, it is mainly used for decorative (and welcome) functions in various industries. These include:

  • Furniture
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Boat fixtures
  • Decorative Decoration


Because Borneo provides so much tropical timber to the world, it is at risk of severe deforestation. In addition, Borneo has become a victim of palm oil cultivation. Palm oil plantations release large amounts of CO2 and destroy the local ecosystem on the island. The palm oil industry is responsible for massive deforestation worldwide.

Because this is not enough, locals have been conducting forest fires to clear plantations and other land use areas since 1997. In 2015, this caused great turbulence throughout Southeast Asia, dubbed the Southeast Asian Smog 2015.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

How does kratom in Borneo benefit the environment?

The Borneo strain is more than just high quality kratom. The production of Borneo Kratom can help offset the environmental degradation of the island. This has a global impact, disrupting the palm oil industry and completely reducing our human carbon footprint.


Does kratom have a positive impact on the environment?

Kratom farming is a Southeast Asian tradition practiced by generations of small family businesses in the region. With the popularity of plants, the kratom industry has followed these small traditions. Compared to large-scale, for-profit incentives, kratom farmers prefer sustainable and ethical farming.


This looks very different from the Western agricultural practices we know best. Western agriculture is primarily concerned with maximizing yield and profit, rather than protecting above and below ground areas.

Agriculture in Borneo, is also heavily dependent on natural crops. Farmers use the natural soil in the region and do not reclaim the land for large-scale planting. Instead, they plant kratom plants among the natural vegetation of tropical rainforests, preserving their natural wild habitat.

The Borneo Strain!

For white vein lovers, Borneo Kratom really has no competition. This is an example of the rest of the kratom industry: the pursuit of excellence rather than complacency. You can see a lot of this in how Borneo kratom farmers treat their region alone.

When you buy White Vein Borneo Kratom from Mr. Kratoms, you're not just buying a kratom. You're choosing an eco-friendly future with products that benefit from the sanctity of our planet while giving full satisfaction to artists.

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