How to store kratom properly?

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How to store kratom properly? - How to store kratom properly?

The three ways to keep kratom fresh!

Protect your kratom from moisture If you expose your kratom powder to moisture, you will reduce the quality of the kratom. Wet or damp kratom clumps very quickly, further inviting mold, which will not produce a beautiful hue. Do not store your kratom near a heater.

Storage of your Kratom
Like many other compounds, kratom reacts to oxygen, a process called oxidation. So it is always a good idea to store the powder properly with respect to the elements.

For this, it is best to use doypacks, which are resealable. To get the best possible result, we advise you to remove as much air from the bag as possible before you reseal the bag. If you want to store the beautiful color of the kratom for a longer time, we recommend you to invest some money in vacuum-sealed bags, in which you can remove the oxygen almost completely. This way you can keep the natural color fresh for a longer time.

Protect Kratom from the sun
The UV light of the sun can do incredible damage to the organic substance. This is just as true for kratom as it is for your skin. Even though kratom is often dried in the sun, dried powder does not benefit from further exposure. By reducing the light, you can make your kratom last longer. No one wants their beautiful green to be faded. It's best to store your kratom in our doypack, with little air and in a cool place like storage.

In all these point you benefit as a customer in the online store of Mr. Kratom. Due to the compound and composition of the material, this is UV resistant, protects against moisture when properly closed and the air can be reduced very well.

In summary, it is important in the storage of the kratom. The container in which it is stored, the ambient temperature and humidity and how much light is added to the whole.