Kratom - Why the quality varies so much!

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2021-02-03 13:37:00
Kratom - Why the quality varies so much! - Kratom - Why the quality varies so much!

To understand why the color intensity of kratom has changed so much, it is important to understand that kratom is a natural plant. The effectiveness of the color of Kratom, which has existed for more than a century, is now significantly reduced to then. For this reason, you should look for a competent and reputable dealer where you can buy kratom that is monitored through growth, processing and importation processes to ensure that you are buying only fresh kratom, with consistent high quality.

The kratom plant, Mitragyna speciosa, is an evergreen tree related to the coffee plant, native to the tropical forests and jungles of Southeast Asia. The warm, misty environment and the large amounts of minerals in the oceans and volcanoes that make up the area make the leaves rich in two main active ingredients, mitagenin and 7-hydroxy mitagenin. When you find a supplier to buy fresh kratom from, these are the components that give kratom its powerful color of tremendous importance.

Mr. Kratom's online store assures consistent high quality, so the buyer doesn't have to worry about the freshness of kratom.

Why most kratom retailers cannot meet this standard of quality !

When you buy kratom products from retailers, they are still far from growing, harvesting and processing kratom products. Many users only know their knowledge about kratom from the media or marketing brochures, most of which are inaccurate. This leads to a situation where the consumer (and not the seller) knows better than the trader himself. If the quality of the product varies, the retailer stores kratom incorrectly, or buys random cheap kratom, the desired color effect may simply not be there.

Most retail stores usually order legitimate kratom from the cheapest third party they can find in order to make higher profits. Kratom is largely considered non-perishable, so these retailers usually store kratom in warehouses without temperature control. Once received, kratom remains there until it is sold to retailers/end users. However, due to poor quality in purchasing, this is not the first warehouse this kratom has seen.

Some suppliers purchase kratom from local farmers and processors. It is stored in their facility until it is sold. Extra fresh and strong leaves are required to pay a premium, but no leaves are wasted as they are eventually sold. Previously harvested old leaves or powder are sold at a discount. These prices make the product so attractive that manufacturers are more concerned with profit than quality, prompting them to replenish stock at a lower price. As this unqualified powder plays a role throughout the supply chain, it will eventually lead to products that cannot be relied upon to deliver consistent quality, efficiency or results.

Why are we different?

If you want to buy kratom, you'll find it fresh from us. Mr. Kratom is a store where you can buy high quality kratom products that you can trust blindly. We work with local kratom farmers who grow small garden farms as well as wild plants around the village. This employment of mostly one generation allows us to use fresh kratom, and our fair trade practices provide them with the resources they need to train the next generation of kratom farmers and resist the less environmentally friendly oil palm and latex and wood farms. There is already a blog article on sustainability, you can find it here. To the Borneo Kratom Guide

The leaves are then dried, the battadors removed and then ground into a fine, fluffy powder. Alternatively, these can be processed into extracts. Then this type of Kratom is imported, packaged and shipped to our customers. Therefore, now you know exactly in which store you can buy trustworthy kratom.

The struggle for the price in the market is very high. Some stores / distributors sell their kratom below market value, which indicates how qualified this kratom is. Quality costs its price, in any industry.

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