Attention Kratom Newbies!

Mr. Kratom
2021-01-13 15:28:00
Attention Kratom Newbies! - Kratom Advisor - Kratom Advisor

Are you a complete newbie when it comes to kratom? Maybe with this blog article we can give you some information that you absolutely need to know.

Basically, there are three different colors of kratom:

Furthermore, this can differ again to wild and cultivated Kratom. This is declared in most stores.

  • Wild Kratom
  • Kratom (the term farm is not listed here)

To this come again two differences:

As a newbie, this is already some information that can confuse you a lot. Most stores, like our Kratom Onlineshop, offers trial packages. With us, you have a wide range of choices, up to your own desired set, which you can click together.

But where exactly is the difference between the individual colors?

  • Green Kratom (the golden mean between white and red)
  • Red Kratom has rather calm, cozy and relaxed colors
  • White Kratom has more upbeat, refreshing colors.

We would suggest that you definitely start with a trial set. The best match for this is the Colorfull 6 in our assortment. Here are all three colors, which are common on the market.

Mr. Kratom's online store again clearly points out that the Kratom is expressly not intended for consumption. We only offer this as a natural dye for candles, eggs or as a natural foot bath.

Still not quite sure which strain you could start with? Just check out this exact trial set, it should have you covered to get you started.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you a super great start to the day.

Many greetings

Mr. Kratom